Lifestyle Workshops
Two days of immersive, hands-on learning, capturing beauty, and enjoying the slowness of the french countryside
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gillian stevens


Gillian Stevens is a lifestyle photographer from Vancouver, Canada. She creates inspiring visual stories for small businesses, brands, and artists both local and worldwide.

Her images are honest, full of richness and meaning. Many of her inspirations come from spending time with others, and witnessing their passion for creating and doing what they love. 

Along with photography, Gillian also does creative direction and styling for most of her photo shoots, and is passionate about the storytelling aspect that comes with creating compelling imagery.

Gillian is married to her best friend Mark, a mother to their son Henry, and they live together in a little bungalo on the West side of Vancouver




Emilie Anne Szabo is a lifestyle photographer and stylist based in Minneapolis. She seeks to create and capture beauty, and is inspired by the world around her - telling stories that illuminate the unique beauty within. 

Emilie has had a lot of experience styling and photographing for brands, small businesses, couples and families. She excels in photographing look books, content creation, table and event styling, portraiture, and capturing intimate moments in peoples lives. 

Aside from photography, Emilie is passionate about her family. She is a wife to a wonderful man named Curt, and they recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Eloise.



"What I gained from this workshop was not photo facts and technical knowledge, not the measurable kind of success. This trip away, filled with photography, beauty, lengthy dinners, inspirational folk, craft and sharing ignited in me a fire and gave me clarity about what I wanted for myself, work-wise. It has stirred my heart and set things in motion. It has given me that extra bit of focused vision and energy to enable dreams to become reality. It is outcomes like these that are priceless, of unmeasurable worth."
Kyra De Vreeze | Kyras Kitchen

"We are quite choosy when it comes to collaborations with other creatives but the moment we were asked to partner with Lifestyle Workshops we had to say yes. Gillian and Emilie are some of the most genuine and beautiful individuals both as people and creatives. Their honest approach to story telling through photography is nothing short of inspiring and we have certainly benefited from the stunning content they have created using some of our products. They have succeeded in creating an engaging experience for both their attendants and partners and we look forward to working with them again soon!”
Danielle and Joel | MÛR lifestyle

"When I found Lifestyle Workshops, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. Emilie and Gillian created an intentional learning experience in an idyllic location. Each session was full of invaluable knowledge and gave me the space to experiment and develop confidence in my photography. Both Emilie and Gillian were open books in sharing their process, how they work with clients, and how they’ve created a distinctive brand. They also brought together an amazing group of creative, brilliant, and supportive women that were a joy to spend three days with. It was an incredibly rich experience — diving deep into my creative well, styling and shooting beautiful products, and having long, lingering conversations. I came home feeling completely inspired and motivated to continue on my journey with photography and it’s an experience I will never forget."
Natalie Whearley | Studio Saorsa

"Sitting in front of a computer screen everyday I had forgotten how valuable the time is when you are making, doing, creating, and playing. Lifestyle Workshops was the perfect environment to reinvigorate these skills. Even with minimal photography background, I felt comfortable jumping in with the group and the girls provided some great tips and tricks along the way. My mind has been reset and I'm excited to take these improved skills and new relationships back to my daily life. Now if only I could bring the idyllic setting with me as well!"
Katelyn Stetler | Artifact Uprising

“Lifestyle Workshops was exactly the creative release I’ve been needing for years. The care, attention to detail, and kindness of Gillian and Emilie showed through in every part of the workshop. They took the time to care for each attendee, giving everyone the opportunity to speak, shoot, give input, and ask questions. The atmosphere was encouraging, affirming, and supportive in every way. I can say without a doubt that it was the single best investment I’ve ever made for myself and my business.”
Audrey Fretz | Park Street Photography